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Save time & money and receive an extremely high-quality imaging exam.


X-Rays at our Tensas Location

Did you know we offer x-rays at our Tensas location? Often patients don’t realize they have an option to come to our clinic instead of a hospital for their imaging. Our outpatient x-ray technology saves our patients time and money and they receive an extremely high-quality imaging exam. Our radiology team till take the images then send them off to be read by a board-certified radiologists. At that point our providers can begin a treatment plan or if needed refer out to a specialist.


Conditions your provider may order a x-ray for are:

  • Trouble walking or moving a limb

  • Persistent swelling

  • Joint pain or stiffness 

  • Digestive troubles



We are here to help. 
Call our clinic today to schedule your appointment. 

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