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Doctor_s Appointment

Wellness Visits

Most insurance companies pay in full for a yearly wellness exam. This annual appointment is a great time to discuss or ask questions about any issues or concerns you may be have. It also helps gives our providers an overall view of your health.  Wellness visits a great opportunity for our trained team to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to live a healthy life.  

Let us help you take care of your health! 

Call our clinics today to schedule your appointment. 

Tensas - (318) 766.1967

Vidalia - (318) 414.3020



During the appointment our providers will: 


  • Check current health symptoms, risk factors, and family history
    Reviewing these different aspects will help our providers get an overall picture of what to currently look out for and what to watch for down the road. 

  • Check your weight, height and body mass index (BMI) 
    Your weight, height and BMI are important measurements that give our providers an idea of how healthy you are for your age.


  • Checking your heart rate and blood pressure
    Many things can affect your blood pressure, including stress, sleep habits, smoking, diet and exercise habits. Having too high or too low levels of blood pressure are both risk factors for chronic (long-term) health problems.


  • Listening to your lungs and heart
    This is done to check for any breathing problems, including wheezing or coughing. Our providers may also listen for heart murmurs (unusual sounds between each heartbeat) or extra sounds that can indicate a possible problem with your heart.

  • Create a health plan 
    After reviewing the results our providers can provide you with a customized health plan to help you continue on a healthy journey. 

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