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  • What is a School-Based Health Center?
    A school-based health center (SBHC) is a clinic located in the school or on school property that provides comprehensive primary medical, social, and behavioral health services, as well as health education, promotion, and prevention services to help minimize health-related absences from school and support the students for success in the classroom. The Tensas SBHC is operated by Tensas Community Health Clinic (TCHC) and adheres to state and federal laws, policies, and professional standards for provision of medical and mental health care.
  • What are the benefits of SBHCs?
    SBHCs help reduce barriers that may prevent students from seeking health care services such as accessibility, transportation, cost, and confidentiality concerns. The Tensas SBHC is located on Tensas School Board property, next to Tensas High School, so students are able to receive the health care services they need and then return to learning in their classrooms. SBHCs also help eliminate the need for parents to take off time from work to take their child to a doctor. Students may be seen at the SBHC without their parent/guardian present, once consent is provided.
  • What are the hours of SBHC?
    Tensas SBHC is open whenever school is in session.
  • What is the cost?
    There is no copay for any child seen at a SBHC. TCHC will bill all insurance providers.
  • Do parents need to give permission for students to visit the SBHC?
    Yes. Parents/guardians must sign consent forms in order for their children to receive care. The student packet can be found on the School-Based webpage or call our office to have a one sent home with your student.
  • Can students make appointments during class time?
    Yes. SBHCs want to help students stay in school and learn, so every effort is made to schedule appointments so that students are not absent from core classes.
  • Does a student need to be enrolled in the SBHC in order to use the services?
    Yes. Only students who have enrolled in the SBHC can be seen by the Tensas SBHC provider, which includes a consent form signed by parent/guardian and a registration packet detailing patient information and health history. Enrollment documents may be found on the School-Based Page.
  • If my child is sick at home, can they be brought to the Tensas SBHC to be seen?"
    Yes. Your child may be brought to Tensas SBHC or to his/her primary care provider (PCP).
  • Does a student need to have health insurance to be seen at the SBHC?
    No. Tensas SBHC proves care to students whether insured or uninsured. TCHC will bill private insurance and Medicaid for the services provided when appropriate.
  • What if the student already has a PCP?
    If the student has a PCP, the Tensas SBHC staff will serve to supplement the student’s health care. If necessary, and parent/guardian consent provided, the Tensas SBHC staff will communicate and collaborate with the PCP to ensure the student receives the best health care possible.
  • Can members of the community be seen at the Tensas SBHC?
    No. Only enrolled students and Tensas Parish School Board faculty and staff are allowed to receive services.
  • Will the SBHC provide prescription medication on site?
    The Tensas SBHC may administer select medications on site, if deemed necessary by the provider, but all prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy identified on the student’s enrollment form.
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