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The thyroid is a small gland responsible for producing hormones that play a crucial role in many of the body’s systems. Dysfunction occurs when the thyroid produces either too much or too little thyroid hormone. Either can disrupt healthy functioning of vital organs — leading to a wide range of symptoms.


Who does it affect?

  • An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease.

  • Up to 60 percent of those with thyroid disease are unaware of their condition.

  • Women are five to eight times more likely than men to have thyroid problems.

  • One woman in eight will develop a thyroid disorder during her lifetime.




Let’s take a look at some the symptoms.


  • Hand tremor

  • Weight loss

  • Nervousness

  • Fast heart rate

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Brittle skin

  • Muscle weakness

  • Irritability

  • Weaker or less frequent menstrual periods


  • Constipation

  • Fatigue

  • Cold sensitivity

  • Weight gain

  • Dry skin

  • Forgetfulness

The good news? Our staff can help diagnose and treat these chronic conditions. Once diagnosed and treated, it’s entirely possible to live a normal, healthy life. If you are concerned you or a family members thyroid may not be functioning properly call one of our clinics today to schedule an appointment with one of our providers. 


Call our clinics today to schedule your appointment. 

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