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Sports Physical

As the new school year approaches, it's important to ensure your child is ready for all the activities ahead, including sports. Scheduling a sports physical now can help you avoid the last-minute rush and ensure your child is healthy and ready to participate in their favorite sports. 

Schedule your child's sports physical today! 

Tensas - (318) 766-1967

Tensas School Base- (318) 301-3263

Vidalia - (318) 414-3020



Why get a sports physical
  • Health Assessment: A sports physical helps assess your child's overall health and fitness level, ensuring they can safely engage in physical activities.

  • Injury Prevention: Identifying any potential risk factors can help prevent injuries during sports.

  • Performance Optimization: Addressing any health issues can improve your child's performance.

  • School Requirements: Most schools require a completed sports physical for participation in athletic programs.

What to expect  
  • Medical History Review: Discussion of any past injuries, surgeries, allergies, and family medical history.

  • Physical Examination: Checking vitals (blood pressure, heart rate), evaluating joints and flexibility, and assessing vision and hearing.

  • Fitness Assessment: Evaluating strength, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

Getting a sports physical is a crucial step in preparing for the school year. It ensures your child’s readiness for sports activities, meets school requirements, and promotes their overall well-being. Don't wait—schedule your child's sports physical today and start the school year off right!

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